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Real People, Real Time
Put your command strategy head-to-head with your opponents as you battle, in real-time, against other real gamers playing online.
You Are In Command
Directly control your troops on the battlefield with skillful precision and clever strategy - but be careful, it's a dangerous war out there.
Build Your Army
Do you value speed or strength? Health or range? You choose which units to recruit, and you choose how to train them as you build up a world-class army. 
About Brainwave
Brainwave Research and Engineering is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission - ABN 89620430104

We are trying to raise money toward developing safe superintelligence through the development of mobile games, which will be used to fund research in computer and neuroscience. Our goal is to link human and machine intelligence together, such that any increase in machine intelligence causes an equivalent increase in overall human intelligence. If this is possible prior to an artificial intelligence explosion, it will prevent many dangerous A.I. take-off scenarios, and ensure the continued safety and prosperity of humanity. 
As a charity...
Brainwave is legally required to put all it's income and assets towards its goal. It can never be sold, and no money can ever be paid to its investors, members, or directors except as employee wages, which are strictly monitored by regulatory bodies.
Our research...

When activities begin, all scientific research conducted or funded by Brainwave will be publically accessible, at no cost, by everybody.

About superintelligence...
While we work on getting starting on our own, here are some great sources to begin learning about artificial superintelligence:
Hunter Jay
Board Member, Lead Developer
Orlando Lucas
Board Member
Marat Nuriev
Board Member